Behind the visual effects of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Milk are the multi-award-winning visual effects company responsible for designing and creating all the VFX sequences in Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. They have put together a fascinating series of videos demonstrating how they achieved this.

For more than a year, 50 artists worked on producing over 1000 shots to bring to life the critically acclaimed fantasy-period setting of Jonathan Strange. The brief was to create convincing natural effects in keeping with the elemental nature of the magicians’ spells. An entire world was designed for the scenes set in Fairy, and modern day England was moulded and re-scoped back two hundred years into the past.

These making-of clips will give you an insight into how all this was made possible by the wizardry of Milk’s super-talented VFX artists. Watch and be amazed!

BBC One have also created an interactive collection of behind the scenes interviews, in which you can explore how the series was made from all angles. Writing, producing, directing, acting and VFX are all covered in a number of in-depth and informative interviews with cast and crew. Watch them here.

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