Toby's new trailer for HBO Brexit film…

Check this out. Toby Haynes new trailer for the Benedict Cumberbatch HBO Brexit film…
We are soooooo excited about this hitting our screens in 2019

That's a wrap on Song Of Names

That’s a wrap on the film! Welcome Home Nick!

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film #wrap

Our Very Own Lou Gagen Writes for LBB

Our very own EP Lou Gagen wrote a funny and festive themed article as an influencer for LBB.

'The Holocaust told through hip hop and hashtags'.

The Holocaust told through hip hop and hashtags'. Malcolm Green strikes again with Edek... his powerful music video / doco... with an article in the Evening Standard...

Andy Morahan's Boogie Man Awarded Best Film

Boogie Man wins BEST FILM at CIFF (Cardiff International Film Festival). Well done and a huge congrats to Andy and his team….

Pekka Hara joins the Feel Films team.

Pekka Hara. He's Finnish, super cool, oh and a super talented director, and he just signed with Feel. We are over the moon! Welcome Pekka! 😎🥂🎉

Grant's 'No Surprises’ at ‘Beautifully Simple’

Studio Makgill’s exhibition ‘ Beautifully Simple’ includes Grant Gee’s Radiohead classic video 'No Surprises’
A man’s helmet fills with water.

Well Done Malcolm!

Another laurel for Malcolm Green and Edek…

Tim Roth, Clive Owen Star In Francois Girard-Helmed ‘The Song Of Names’

Tim Roth and Clive Owen will star alongside Catherine McCormack (Braveheart), Jonah Hauer King (Little Women) and Gerran Howell (Genius) in The Song Of Names