Pekka Hara joins the Feel Films team.

Pekka Hara. He's Finnish, super cool, oh and a super talented director, and he just signed with Feel. We are over the moon! Welcome Pekka! 😎🥂🎉

Grant's 'No Surprises’ at ‘Beautifully Simple’

Studio Makgill’s exhibition ‘ Beautifully Simple’ includes Grant Gee’s Radiohead classic video 'No Surprises’
A man’s helmet fills with water.

Well Done Malcolm!

Another laurel for Malcolm Green and Edek…

Tim Roth, Clive Owen Star In Francois Girard-Helmed ‘The Song Of Names’

Tim Roth and Clive Owen will star alongside Catherine McCormack (Braveheart), Jonah Hauer King (Little Women) and Gerran Howell (Genius) in The Song Of Names

Collecting loads of laurels…

Go Edek and Malcolm! New trailers on the way…

Toby's USS Callister Wins!

Just counting the Emmy wins… 1,2,3... 4 including Outstanding TV Movie!
USS Callister brings it home!

Creative legend Malcolm Green signs to Feel Films.

Following a successful career in Advertising, where he wrote, directed and/or creative directed over 1000 commercials, Malcolm Green left his own Top 10 agency to concentrate on bringing powerful brand and non-brand stories and messages to screens of all shapes and sizes.

Andy Morahan is a Youtube Billionaire.

His iconic G’N’R video for November Rain reaches a billion views.

Broadcast Magazine Best Drama Winner, Save Me!

Sky asked a lot of Lennie James and the World productions team: following Sky Atlantic's success with high concept epics, could they usher in a new breed of contemporary dramas for Sky 1, uncovering hidden parts of society?