Daniel Craig reveals new Range Rover with Jonathan Taylor

With the help of Daniel Craig and the Manhattan skyline, director Jonathan Taylor revealed the brand new Range Rover Sport to the world at an exclusive live event held in New York City last week.

At the end of February Jonathan shot an elaborate three minute film of the new Range Rover speeding through Manhattan which was designed to cut seamlessly with the live event last Tuesday night. As Jonathan’s film ended on the super size LED screen inside the venue, a live cut transitioned to the 14 cameras that lined the route between Madison Square Gardens and where the event was taking place. Daniel Craig was revealed driving through the streets of Manhattan culminating with him arriving on the stage in front of an audience of one thousand specially invited guests. The whole event was also webcast instantly to a massive global audience.

The campaign has already created a huge amount of press interest for Range Rover, with over a million hits. Please click the image above to see the film for yourself.

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