The Song Of Names


Martin Simmonds of Simmonds Music Manuscripts finds himself on the jury of a music recital competition in a nondescript English town. A world weary man in his late sixties, he endures the mediocrity being paraded before him in the form of these young hopefuls. Then, in one heart stopping moment a young boy plays the violin, with an unmistakeable flourish of his rosin, which will change Martin’s life forever.

A tale of friendship and ultimate betrayal begins, Martins hunt for a long lost friend borders on obsession. The unexpected musical clue sets him off on a trail of self discovery and a quest for renewal, to uncover the tragedy which destroyed his family and left him living what he considered to be a half-life, for the last forty years.



To Be Announced...


Nick Hirschkorn


Jeffrey Caine


To Be Announced...