Wolf Brother


The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness are set amongst the wilds of nature in 5000BC. We follow our hero, Torak, a 13 year old stoneage boy as he befriends and slowly becomes inseparable from an orphaned wolf and battles to stay alive in the forest. Together they overcome the impossible, discover magIcal powers, go on amazing adventures and make new friends. It’s an adrenaline ride, a coming of age story, a battle of wits and survival. Throughout the series Torak and Wolf grow together and slowly but surely come to recognize their purpose and place in the world. Like the best stories, it’s archetypal. It speaks to the adult and child in all of us. A true family experience.



To Be Announced...


Nick Hirschkorn


Michelle Paver (Author)
Will Davies (Screenwriter)


To Be Announced...