Nigel Cole Completes
Bruce Springsteen Documentary

Bruce Springsteen ‘In His Own Words’ is Nigel Cole’s latest project, a documentary commissioned by Channel 4. The 90-minute critically acclaimed work was billed to pull back the curtain on the legendary musician and – during the lull between Christmas and New Year – it succeeded in doing just that.

To coincide with the release of his biography, ‘Born To Run’, exclusive access to The Boss himself was granted for a film revealing the man behind the music. The documentary takes an absorbing and intensely personal look at the superstar’s life as it weaves its lyrical way through the Boss’s early and current family life, friendships and musical influences. With home video from his youth, and footage from his early years performing solo in Greenwich Village, the film provides a unique and colourful insight.

Nigel handles his subject with skill, leaving the audience armed with revealing facts about a musician who, to this day, continues to pull in the crowds. Prepare yourself to discover how much of a Springsteen fan you really are!

“This was a programme which gloriously emphasised the power of art to forge an alliance between those who create it and those who pay their hard-earned cash to watch the results.”

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