Grant Gee

Grant has worked with some of the biggest musical acts of the past thirty years, the likes of Coldplay, Nick Cave, Scott Walker and perhaps most notably with Radiohead on his film Meeting People is Easy, and his award-winning documentary feature Joy Division charting the legendary rise and fall of the band.

Arguably his best known work is the music promo for Radiohead’s ‘No Surprises,’ featuring Thom Yorke in a diving helmet slowly filling with water, infamously completed in one take.​

Grant worked with the BBC on a specially commissioned short for the 2012 Olympics and the live-to-air promo for Bang! Goes the Theory. Other works include his thought provoking film Patience, based on W.G. Sebald’s notorious work The Rings of Saturn, and his ongoing collaborations with Katie Mitchell on The Yellow Wallpaper, Die Ginge des Saturn, and Night Train, her ‘live cinema’ projects blending a live theatrical experience with a cinematic presentation.​

Grant’s latest work “Innocence of Memories” is a feature length documentary essay, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival 2015. It takes Orhan Pamuk’s novel “Museum of Innocence” as a point of departure, employing Grant’s trademark multi-layered narrative style to tell the story of Istanbul, the Museum of Innocence, and Orhan Pamuk himself.