Toby Haynes’ USS Callister
Lands With New Trailer…

After Toby’s highly anticipated Black Mirror episode ‘USS Callister’ had its autumn premiere screening at PaleyFest New York, we are thrilled that it is now airing on Netflix.

Set in a near futuristic world playfully reminiscent of 1970s sci-fi shows, Toby’s episode follows the adventures of Kirk-like Captain Daly (Jesse Plemons) and his devoted crew. But how well will the team’s new addition (Cristin Milioti) adapt to life on the ship, and is all really as it seems aboard the ‘USS Callister’?

“It’s impossible to say more without entering spoiler territory, except that director Toby Haynes did a flawless job bringing the concept to life, and it is the most twisty, fucked-up, and yet ultimately beautiful episode of the season.” – IndieWire


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