Well done Nick Murphy! Save Me has been awarded Broadcast Magazine's Best Drama.

"Sky asked a lot of Lennie James and the World productions team: following Sky Atlantic's success with high concept epics, could they usher in a new breed of contemporary dramas for Sky 1, uncovering hidden parts of society?

Save Me delivered this with aplomb, with all parts of the production team coming together to deliver a hard-hitting drama unlike any other. Its mission statement was to 'confound expectation' and from its opening lengthly scene - a heated pub debate about shark penises - this was far from average thrill.

James' warm, witty and naturalist writing, capturing the vernacular, cadence and energy of South London slang, was reflected in a production design that swapped the cliched gritty council estate for bold, quirky designs and real views out of real windows. The judges admired how colours were aligned to a specific character, and to a directorial approach that gave as much weight to the look and behaviour of its extras as to its leads.

But all this would be mere window dressing were it not for the propulsive thriller at its heart.

The judges praised James and co-star Suranne Jones' outstanding performances and the production's ambition to raise the bar. It was, they said, "an utterly gripping and authentic script combined with exceptional directing that together made something quite special."