Coral Amy Brown


Hailing from Bolton, Lancashire, Coral has a background in Photography and fine art, and began her career in Advertising as assistant to none other than legendary Director Frank Budgen.

Coral’s work crosses the boundaries between, art, experimental film, documentary, photojournalism and branded content. A visualiser across mediums, her aesthetic grows from a love of analog photography and storytelling, through her study of photojournalism and a passion for film.

This is reflected in both her Film and Photography work, which centre around finding unique characters, telling compelling stories and challenging social boundaries.

Her stand out Documentary work includes the series Skateistan. Taking a group of young girls in India and Cambodia, each film shows that through the use of art and skating they can help heal both personal and national wounds.

Coral has already found success transitioning into commercials, working with brands and charities including Small Steps, Braun, CaféDirect and Volvo. Her success is noted in repeat business with agencies and brands alike.