Dark Garden

In Development

In the seedy, crime-infested undergrowth of an LA garden, it’s up to seasoned private investigator Mollo - a hard-boiled snail following a grubby trail - to find out who’s been killing antlions. And mozzies. And a down on his luck butterfly caught in a spider’s web…

Someone round here needs to maintain Lawn Order.

So when a beautiful winged stranger arrives from out of town with a mission Mollo can’t refuse, naturally he suspects he’s being played. Could the black tiger beetle gang have something to do with it? How about the mafioso brown recluses - who’ve got the whole garden tied up in knots? And who are these outsized insect interlopers who suddenly seem to be running the show?

With no-one to turn to but a dopey Afghan Hound and a butterfly who may or may not be double crossing him, this mean mollusc has his work cut out for him…

DARK GARDEN is a brilliant, hilarious family noir; an animated comedy for all ages.



Nick Hirschkorn


Jeffrey Caine