The Boy in the River

In Development

The discovery of the mutilated torso of a small child found in the River Thames in 2001 sent shockwaves across the nation and forever changed the life of Richard Hoskins, a young professor of theology with a profound understanding of African tribal religion who fell in love with the continent as a young man. This incredible true-life account, based on Hoskins’ 2012 book and told through Hoskins’ eyes, plays out across two-time frames, contrasting Hoskins’ extraordinary experiences in rural Africa in his early twenties with the high profile and far-reaching criminal investigation which unfolded in London some fifteen years later. What began with a notorious unsolved murder ended in the discovery that a succession of innocent children were being ritually tortured and sacrificed in the heart of our capital city.



Nick Hirschkorn


Richard Hoskins (Author)
Ben Hervey (Screenwriter)