The Escape

Agoraphobic Jo Blackmore’s worst fears are realised when her two-year-old daughter Elise is threatened by a stranger named Paula outside the nursery. Ever since her miscarriage several years earlier, Jo has been crippled with anxiety, too frightened even to take Elise to the park. Could Paula have something to do with Jo’s journalist husband Max’s recent undercover operation? Or has Jo’s paranoia finally reached breaking point? The terrible truth drives a wedge between husband and wife and forces Jo not just out of her own home but on the run – forced to fend for herself and her young daughter under a false identity.

Based on the Sunday Times Bestseller by C.L. Taylor, THE ESCAPE is a riveting character study as well as a taut psychological thriller which poses crucial questions about betrayal, deceit and the limits of love.



Nick Hirschkorn


C.L. Taylor (Author)
Screenwriter (TBA)