The Get

In Development

Ultra-Orthodox newly-wed Mimi wants adventure. She wants culture, art, travel, poetry - freedom. What her husband Yossi wants is exactly what he already has. Stamford Hill. Routine. Stability. Tradition.

At her wits end, Mimi asks for a divorce. But Yossi won’t grant her one. So Mimi takes a drastic step, switching domestic bliss for something a little more risqué…

Enter Brian, two-bit wannabe gangster, gambler and professional degenerate. Brian’s specialism (although he’s not very good at it - Brian’s not very good at anything) is putting the screws on Ultra-Orthodox husbands so they set their unhappy wives free. For a healthy fee, of course. But Brian’s messed up one job too many, so he’s saddled with a babysitter. Except that Sol isn’t a babysitter - he’s a bona fide seasoned New York mobster with a short fuse and an itchy trigger finger.

The bodies mount up, hostages are taken (and lost), someone calls the cops and everyone makes for Britain’s favourite seaside destination, which is beset one sunny morning by a warring couple, an idiot with a gun, a thug with a grudge, a troupe of holidaying Hasids and two separate police departments. Bournemouth has never looked so glamorous…

Daniel Jerome Gill


Nick Hirschkorn


Josh Freedman Berthoud
Daniel Jerome Gill